360 I.T Introductory

Need the support of experienced, qualified I.T guys without the cost of hiring full-time I.T staff? 360 I.T is here! We provide:

  • Onsite Tech Support
  • Onsite Tech Oversight
  • CCTV Supply, Installation, and Maintenance

Onsite Tech Support

Based on an I.T audit of your business, we provide recommendations on hardware and software changes as well as a suggested I.T support plan. 360 IT covers hardware and software support, user training, backup maintenance, I.T policy creation, anti-virus deployment, I.T consultancy, and I.T procurement. Escalation to our offsite resources ensures that there is no task too big for Aura-Tech Solutions Ltd as the entire team is available to the onsite resource for consultancy and recommendations. Baked into the contracts is time allocated to senior I.T staff as well. Our I.T resources can deploy helpdesk management software to ensure issues are logged and followed up on in the timeliest manner, visible to all associated personnel.

Onsite Tech Oversight

In recent time we have met some clients who have internal I.T resources but due to their junior status level, they require guidance on project management and meeting deadlines. Our I.T oversight plan offers businesses falling into this category a chance at making their I.T staff more efficient. We assign and divide tasks and liaise with management regarding status updates and detailed reports on projects. We implement weekly checkpoints with staff, ensuring effective work turnover.

CCTV Supply, Installation, and Maintenance

Aura-Tech Solutions Ltd offers the highest quality in secure surveillance technology for your home and business. Our experts provide a full consultation and site visit to determine the optimum hardware and software required to grant you the peace of mind that safety brings. Reliable software and durable hardware ensure constant and detailed footage, all supported and serviced by our experienced team on a regular schedule.