Connect Business Solution

Connect Business Solution is our custom-built Enterprise Resource Planning that provides solutions for Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Asset Management, Fleet Management and various other business data management systems. Connect Business Solution is built using best-in- class technologies and is geared specifically for the Caribbean region, enabling faster, focused implementations with full support for add-ons and customizations.

Connect Business Solutions is our robust, locally built, readily customized data management system enabling faster, focused implementations within your business. Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Asset Management, Fleet Management, any data-based management needs, SOLVED! This is offered in three easy package sizes:

  • Connect Enterprise
  • Connect Small Business
  • Connect Online

Connect Enterprise

This is a fully customized business solution geared towards medium to large enterprises. The modules of Connect are used as a starting point for fully optimizing business processes, automating transactions and interactions, and delivers a “like-a-glove” fit solution with the solid backing of a tried and tested Accounting, HR, Payroll, Inventory and Asset Management functionality. This allows the customization process to be more in-depth, allowing business to gain prototypes quickly to assist in the software development cycle.
Connect is built on Microsoft technologies; masterfully handling any data size. The architecture of the system is “data first”, thus access and security is easily granted or revoked to individual entries. This is paramount in any organization where there is critical or confidential data being handles by several persons.


Connect Small Business

Targeting mainly the small-to-medium enterprises. Aura-Tech Solutions Ltd uses its Connect Platform to build quick solutions picked from specific modules of Connect Business Solutions with basic customizations to fields, reports, and workflows. This custom solution has allowed enterprise-level software into the hands of many small-to-medium businesses across Trinidad and Tobago. All the base security principles are also adhered to with this smaller version of Connect Enterprise.


Connect Online

Connect Online is a scaled down version of Connect Business Solutions. This targets micro-businesses where there exists little-to-no info-tech infrastructure.
Picture the small bakery in your neighborhood, the owner has a tablet running the Connect Point of Sale module. All his transactions are held on the Aura-Tech’s secure Microsoft Azure cloud servers. This allows the bakery owner, as well as all other micro-business owners, to manage their accounts, payroll, and inventory on a secure platform built upon the same Microsoft technologies as Connect Enterprise without the costs of its implementation. Just subscribe and open your doors!