What's My GPS?

Our system is the only locally built and supported GPS solution that brings Microsoft technology and security to a user-friendly real-time tracking interface that we have packaged with standard features like event reports, remote shutdown and geo-fencing. We have also partnered with leading security companies for vehicle recoveries.

A fun, new way to securely track and share the location of the things that matter to you! From your vehicle to your device, and even to your family! MyGPS conveniently delivers status and location information directly to your fingertips while giving you the capability to quickly and securely share your information with friends, family, and even security officials. MyGPS is offered in three easy package sizes:

  • CONNECT MyGPS Fleet Management
  • MyGPS Private Vehicles
  • Custom GPS Solutions

Connect MyGPS Fleet Management

Built locally for local businesses. We have designed a GPS (Global Positioning System) solution that is simple to understand and give business the most high-value information regarding fleet management. Dashboards are customized to display relevant information such as speed reports and incident alerts. The user interface is easy and attractive for the non tech-savvy user to navigate easily to and track vehicles in realtime, view activity reports, and set geo-fences. Fleet management offers the highest resolution of GPS location.


MyGPS Private Vehicles

This version offers the high value of realtime tracking to the casual vehicle owner. This cheaper package carries features such as realtime tracking, remote shut-down, geo-fencing, and incident alerts. Owners will also have access to a Mobile Panic App which allows vehicle owners to engage a “panic mode” in the event of a stolen vehicle. This is a trigger for our Security Partner to contact the owner about engaging with the stolen vehicle. This panic mode allows secure, temporary location-sharing with the security company and police service. Their access to the vehicle is revoked after the vehicle is recovered and handed over to the owner.


Custom GPS Solutions

Aura-Tech’s GPS platform is built using the same Microsoft technologies as our Connect Business Solutions product. This allows limitless creative potential regarding your GPS needs. This means the GPS platform can be integrated with the modules available from Connect Business Solutions (such as Asset Management or even Payroll!). These seamless integrations give businesses unique extra data, granting the competitive edge that’s been missing.