Our software approach kicks off with a detailed analyses of the issues sought to be resolved as well as the procedures involved. Our team then delves into a design phase, mapping out process workflows and detailing user stories for verification by the client. Then begins the deep dive into the development phase. Prototypes are deployed and rigorously tested by users. We also offer full training, support, and maintenance and upgrades so that there is no additional ramp-up process for adding extra minor functionalities such as reports and fields to the existing system. Our Custom Software Development branches into two sectors:

  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development

Web Application Development

Our team is specialized in software development. We’re not the guys to build a quick and basic website. We’re the ones to build you a secure website upon scalable Microsoft technologies easily integrated with other important modules in any business such as Customer Relations Management, for example. This allows businesses to maximize the use of their website presence by using it as a means for collecting customer and potential-customer data. These integrations ultimately mean that the business will have the capability to generate detailed analyses of the market and allow more competent strategic business planning.


Mobile Application Development

Aura-Tech Solutions Ltd has always pushed for a mobile-first approach in all our engagements. Out of the box, our web applications are built using mobile-friendly technology so they are easily accessible to any device with a browser. Our technologies allow us to quickly transfer functionality to a mobile application. Mobile apps allow us cool features such as push-notifications and simple interfaces for users to make targeted updates on the fly! We approach mobile app development just as we would our software engagements; analysis, designs, then mockups. We quickly land a prototype in the user’s hands for a feel of the app before it goes “live”.