Seizing your Self Development

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Self growth can mean different things to different people. Despite what you’re looking for, here are seven (7) tips to get you started:

1.Derive a Plan

If you’re not sure what area(s) you’d like to work on, perhaps doing a list of strengths/weakness might help. Once you’re comfortable with this list, rate each item based on how well you think you are at it. Now, choose the items that you’d like to build on. These can be a combination of strengths and weaknesses (not just weaknesses). Come up with an action plan for each. Your plan can take the format below or you can adjust it as you see fit.


2. Be Accountable

Remember you are responsible for who you are today and who/what/where you are tomorrow. The onus is on you to put the wheels in motion.

3. Be Positive

When it feels like you’re not making progress or things are becoming stressful, strive to be as positive as possible and never give up. Look for alternative approaches that’ll get the job done. Ask for help/advise and be willing to take said help/advise.


4. Be Passionate

If you’re passionate about something you’ll conquer it despite the obstacles set before you. Be just as passionate (or more) about your self-development and you’ll see improvements very early on.


5. Challenge Yourself

Push your limits. Set goals that are slightly out of your limit. Once you’re able to master that revisit and adjust the goal a bit so that you’re always aiming to be better.


6. Re-Visit and Re-Evaluate


Set check-points be it bi-weekly/monthly. Revisit that initial list and re-evaluate your ratings. Be honest. If there’s no change in rating that’s ok, make a note to work on that moving forward. Reflect on the things that you thought you could have done better at and be sure to remember it the next time around. You can also adjust/add to your development plan as time goes by.

7. Most Importantly – Never Give up!


Things may not always go as plan. There’ll be days when you’ll feel like giving up. DON’T! Remember your goal(s), look back at where you were a week ago, a month ago, a year ago and picture where you want to be a month/year from now. Get back up on the horse and keep pushing forward.


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