Low-cost Software for local micro businesses: the trick you’ve never heard of

connect online

Connect Online!

  • Robustly built,
  • Low cost
  • Point-of-Sale system
  • Accounting management
  • Perfect for micro-businesses
  • Minimal IT infrastructure required(Any smart device can do it!)

Picture the small bakery in your neighborhood, the owner has a tablet running this simple Point of Sale App. All his invoices and inventory items are being instantly stored on a secured cloud server.


This allows the bakery owner to manage his accounts, sales and inventory quickly and effortlessly from any computer, tablet or smart-mobile device.

Connect Online is built on the same Microsoft technologies used in our Connect Enterprise model, without the costs of its implementation. Just subscribe and open your doors!

Contact us to find out more about Connect Online today!

Email: info@auratechtt.com

Phone: 1-868-299-4277


Nikolai Dinsey Ragunath | Marketing/Tech/Graphic Designer | nikolai@auratechtt.com

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