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Over the past year or so, our company, Aura-Tech Solutions Limited (ATSL) has been making a strong effort (as best as we can) to increase our web presence through blog posts. All the posts are written by our staff members. In a few weeks I will be celebrating my 4th year employed with the company! So I decided to share a few of my experiences at ATSL, both the good and the not so good.

That time I brought down a server!


What can I say? The short version is that I was young and didn’t quite fully understand how FTP on cloud servers worked. So after a small buff and some lessons learnt, I’m still here and the server was back up! If there’s any advice I can give young professionals, it’s to own up to your mistakes and “if you do the crime, do the time!” Coming in “green” (as we say) from school as a Junior Tech and being hurled into situations that were new and challenging are guaranteed to teach you and should be welcomed to young IT professionals. So jump in!

That time I fixed a problem!


So still going back down memory lane. I remember it still being only a few weeks since I started. I was at a client and was faced with restoring a CCTV system that had been down due to some bad parts. I had never saw or used IP cameras before. To be fair, I did have some excellent back-up support from more senior teammates (thanks Maurice!). However, I was the one in the fire right? I was the newbie! I had to face the client! For that brief visit, I was the face of the company! PRESSURE! Anyways, after a bit of googling and some advice from my peers, I was happy to reveal to our client that his CCTV system was back up and running! I always felt like this was the moment when this particular client clicked with me and thought, “Hey, this guy, he’s not so bad!” Have to admit in all my previous jobs I’ve never had a moment of accomplishment like that. I’m truly grateful for all those small achievements that I get to experience all the time at ATSL. Side-note, these days we knock out small problems like that every other day. So again, my advice to all you young IT students and graduates is, get your hands dirty man! Once you overcome your fears the rest is just research and implementation.

That time I did a cool thing!


ATSL has always tried to do innovative things and I have always had chances to do awesome new things. So this one time, the company had a semi-closed event to showcase some of the new technologies that they were working on. As a time filler for while the hors d’oeuvres were being dished out, I got a chance to speak to a crowd of prominent business influencers of South Trinidad. At a seminar about business software and advanced automation technology, I chose to speak about holograms! My speech lasted about 5 minutes but I came up with an idea for a small example that I thought would go over really good or really lame. Using a small prism made from a CD case and a YouTube video the crowd was pretty entertained by this little “trick.” My take-away was that a little preparation and thought can give you the ammunition to get you to do stuff that you never did before.

I hope you enjoyed the tip of the iceberg that is my work experience. There are highs and lows. There are times when the work can slow down and times when the challenges can seem overwhelming. I 100% believe that all that is for the best and I can’t wait to see what my 5th year at ATSL will be like!


Thanks for reading.



If you want to know about the hologram with the prism, check out this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YWTtCsvgvg


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Travis Maicoo is Aura-Tech's I.T. Business Software Solutions sales lead and consultant. Catch him at travis@auratechtt.com

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